See the Contemporary Work of Alonzo King LINES Ballet in Tampa

See the Contemporary Work of Alonzo King LINES Ballet in Tampa

Are you a fan of contemporary ballet and are you looking for some ballet events in Tampa? The Alonzo Kings LINES Ballet is coming to Ferguson Hall on Jan. 15. This is not your standard ballet.  It has a fresh and even tribal feeling to it. You will take home with you an experience like no other. Alonzo King has created a show that is rooted in cultural … [Read more...]

Divide Chores with Your Tampa Roommate for a Clean New Year

Equal Cleaning For All: Tips For Splitting Chores With Roommates

We know the challenges of having a roommate. If it seems that things aren't getting cleaned the way they should, or at all, then we have some suggestions on how you can divide chores at your apartments in Tampa with roommate floor plan. The best thing to start with is to define what you mean by clean. Many of us have different standards, and it is … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Decrease Your Chances of Facial Breakouts in Tampa

5 Reasons To Blame Yourself For Face Breakouts

You have these wonderful apartment in New Tampa with washer and dryer. They are great tools to help you prevent skin breakouts on your face. You can make use of many tips to help keep your skin clear. Decrease your chances of facial breakouts with these tips. Make use of your washer and dryer by washing your workout gear after you use it. As … [Read more...]

End the Year with “The Phantom of the Opera” in Tampa


Legend has it that how you bring the new year in will determine the fate of of the next 365 days. In order to have a successful 2015, try celebrating New Year's Eve by seeing a successful long-running play like The Phantom of the Opera in Tampa. This New Year's Eve will be filled with thrills and chills if you join The Phantom of the Opera … [Read more...]

Tips for Decorating Around Our Unique Tampa Floor Plans

Tips for Decorating Around Our Unique Tampa Floor Plans

Have you seen the gorgeous windows in our three-bedroom apartments near USF? The decorating possibilities are endless. Here are a few simple and practical ideas: Create a reading nook. Furnish it with a small comfortable love seat or pair of chairs. Another inexpensive treatment is to take a simple wooden patio bench, and top it with cushions. … [Read more...]